Coach Stephanie Horine Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Coach Stephanie Horine

Stephanie Horine began her Martial Arts journey in 2004 with Isshin-Ryu Karate, here in Brentwood. While training there, she was also exposed to the fundamentals of Boxing, Kickboxing, Eskrima and weapons.
In 2005, Stephanie wanted to cross train and decided to join World Champion George Tsutsui's gym in Concord, one of the original fighters from the world-renowned Fairtex school of Muay Thai of Thailand. There she was able to study the devastating striking skills that Muay Thai is known for, and add to her martial arts and combat sports repertoire.
In 2007, Stephanie earned her black belt in Karate. She continued to study Muay Thai and became involved in teaching classes on her own. As a self-defense enthusiast, she participated in many of the Women's Street Self-Defense Seminars we host to the community, showing her admirable desire to continue learning and evolving as a martial artist. Stephanie is a mother of two, and as an instructor, has a very large following who love her style of teaching.

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