Trial Offers

Trial Offers

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a trial lesson with us. We are honored for the opportunity to share with you the valuable Martial Arts skills that have helped empower not only our own lives but the lives of millions of other practitioners around the world.

Although we know that one class is not enough for anyone to feel the immense benefits that our training provides, this is the best way for the participant to experience first hand what they will be exposed to, for at least one year of training at Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. To view what others have to say about their experience at our Academy, CLICK HERE.

Trial lessons are scheduled during a regular group lesson. This allows the participant to get an exact idea of what the training atmosphere is like, avoiding any surprises after enrollment. During the trial, the participant will see how experienced, charismatic, friendly and professional our instructors are, and how much fun the training is!

At our Academy, we teach realistic self-defense and combat skills. Instead of learning pre-arranged set of movements practiced in front of a mirror or braking boards, our students learn real techniques that will eventually be practiced on resisting training partners daily. All in a very safe and controlled environment, of course.



A regular trial lesson lasts about 55 minutes long. It starts with a warm up session that includes different functional exercises and stretching. The Instructor will work one-on-one with participant as follows, answering any questions about training he or she may have, and teaching the intro curriculum class. Each program has its own intro material:

- YOUTH PROGRAM (4-14 Year Olds)
Trial class starts with the participant being introduced to the entire class. Current students line up and approach trial student one by one, welcoming him or her to the class. The intro material taught here will depend on the age group the participant is in.

*Due to extremely high demand, all of our Kids Jiu-Jitsu programs are currently full. To find out more about getting added to our waitlists, please call us at (925) 634-6958. For membership pricing, ask about booking an appointment for a site visit and we’ll discuss all options in person. While on site, a Membership Application to apply to be added to our waitlist is available upon request.

The material during the trial lesson will differ between male and female participants. Male students will practice techniques in the four stages of Jiu-Jitsu's approach for a street fight.
1. Safely closing the distance/clinching
2. Taking the fight to the ground
3. Obtaining superior positional control over the attacker
4. Finishing the fight via joint-locks/chokeholds

Females will learn about the psychology behind a sexual assault, its stages, and practice techniques from each stage

Class begins with a warm up session of three 3-minute rounds of jump ropes. Instructor will then show the fundamentals of Kickboxing, including stance, basic foot work and basic striking combinations.

Trial lessons may be scheduled for up to two family members at once. The cost is $35.00 per participant (credited back towards the membership if participant enrolls the day of the trial). To book a trial lesson, please call us at (925) 634-6958.
*Trial lesson fee is non-refundable.


- Uniform / trial equipment will be provided by us
- Children or teens must be accompanied by a parent
- Participant must arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointment time
- Liability waiver must be filled out prior to arrival (link included in booking confirmation email)
- Please wear flip flop or sandals when attending the class for easily entering and leaving the mat area

- Early Cancellation - If student cannot attend the appointment, we require a 24-hour advance notice by phone or email to reschedule the lesson at no additional charge.
- Late Cancellation - If the cancellation does not occur within the early cancellation window, student loses trial privilege and a new appointment and trial fee will be required. The same applies for a no show, no call. 

Got questions? Email us here.

We are an appointment-only facility. Contact us today to schedule your site visit. We look forward to meeting you!

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