Youth Jiu-Jitsu Program BFFs!

13-year-old Kivian Gracie (L) and 14-year-old Calleigh Maldonado posing for a picture after sparring for 10 minutes, immediately after their class.

These two Jiu-Jitsu BFFs have been training together since Calleigh was invited to the Kids Black Belt Club back in late 2019, which Kivian was already part of.

Since then, they both have been direct training partners in that program, then the Teens Program, and now also in the Adult Program.

To see these ladies’ passion and determination to improve by often sparring after the class (in a class that’s already physically demanding) is admirable.

As it is in life, when we surround ourselves with those on the same mission as us, the tendency is for the path to become less difficult, more fun, and more rewarding.

Calleigh has been training since the Summer of 2017 and has maintained an impressive attendance record since enrolling, participating in every Summer Camp we hosted, attending dozens of private lessons a year, and earning the best attendance award for the Youth Program the last four years in a row.

Kivian has been training since 3 years of age and has adopted Jiu-Jitsu as a way of life. After 10 years on the mats, missing training is like missing food or water for her! The philosophies learned on the mat in the past decade have been her best ally in life thus far.

We are super proud of these two for their unwavering dedication and commitment to keep improving, but most importantly, for their ever-going positive attitude towards the training on all days, good or bad.