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Women's Self-Defense Seminar Testimonials

The fact that the average male will always be stronger than the average female will never change.

But the belief that women cannot physically enforce their boundaries and come out on top against a stronger attacker, anywhere, anytime, has been outdated since the Gracie Family developed and shared Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the world in the early ‘90s.

Be like Danielle and Krista. Break the pattern of old-school thinking and invest 2-hours of your time to learn REAL and MODERN self-defense and situational awareness skills.

Stay current with what’s available in regards to your safety and peace of mind. In two Saturdays, learn not only a handful of escaping techniques from standing and on the ground but also proactive preventive measures to avoid becoming a target in the first place.

Over 60 women have registered for our annual Self-Defense Seminar on November 4th. Don’t wait, it will sell out!

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