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VIDEO: Nov 4th's Women's Self-Defense Seminar

This past Saturday, over 80 participants from around the community, varying from 14 to 69 years old, stepped on our mat to empower themselves.

From co-workers (especially nurses, many of whom leave their hospital shifts late), Moms and daughters, grandparents, siblings, and friends, we were pleased with the turnout and the participants' dedication.

It’s no news the world isn’t in harmony. While we can’t control others’ potential tyrannical behavior, we can control how well-prepared we can be should we ever need to reinforce and maintain our mental, physical, and emotional integrity.

In addition to discussing the psychology behind sexual assault by strangers and non-strangers broken down into phases and preventive strategies for each stage, the free two-hour class covered awareness and boundary-setting principles and escaping techniques standing and on the ground.

The class was a lot of fun, and we hope to see everyone back on the mat next time!😃💪🏼

Watch the video.