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Video: G.R.A.C.I.E.™ Defensive Tactics Seminar - One Week Away!

Next Saturday, 09.30.23 from 1100-1300 hours‼️

2023 Annual G.R.A.C.I. E.™ Defensive Tactics & Weapons Retention Seminar.

This seminar is exclusive for active duty law enforcement and military personnel. It’s the perfect opportunity for officers who have never trained in Jiu-Jitsu before to get a feel for what the Jiu-Jitsu approach can do for you on the field.


The seminar is 100% hands-on and will last approximately two hours. Wear comfortable workout clothing (bring your duty belt).


  • ✅ Closing the distance and clinching on a suspect who’s trying to hit you
  • ✅ Takedowns
  • ✅ Escapes & defensive strategies from the bottom position
  • ✅ The “21-feet rule”
  • ✅ Transitioning from submission holds to cuffing

👉🏼 To register, call (925) 634-6958 or click here to register online now.