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RIP, Black Belt Student David Hose

Our beloved Dave has lost the most important “match” of his life, to depression.

While many of us can’t and probably will never comprehend how anyone with so many positive things in life going for themselves can fall victim to it, the fact is that anyone can.

A gentle soul too kind for this world, Dave’s tragedy is a reminder that we need to continue doing better and being better to each other and to the world.

Being kind in the littlest actions will always go a long way, and a simple smile, a “Good morning,” or a “How are you today?” can change anyone’s day for the better.

Feeling like we could have done more is an understatement. Having been in touch with him nearly every day this past week and feeling he was doing better than ever since the beginning of this battle, this comes as a shock to all of us that were close to him. And this just shows how powerful this force is.

Dave, your travel onto the next life will not go in vain. Our mission to empower others to better their lives through the teachings of Jiu-Jitsu has been boosted by this experience and we will be even more dedicated to reaching as many people as possible in regards to optimizing their physical, mental, and emotional health. We love you, and miss you.❤️

David Hose



Ways to help a friend with depression:

- Educate yourself

- Learn about what they are going through

- Become a good listener

- Take their feelings seriously

- Avoid “tough love”

- Encourage them to find support

- Invite them to social events

- Celebrate their successes

- Praise them

- Be ready to take action

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


National Hopeline Network


Veterans Crisis Line