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Newest Kids Black Belt Club Invitees!

Congratulations to the newest Kids Black Belt Club members!

  • Caroline Scroggins
  • Noah Bedgood
  • Caleb Bedgood
  • Mackenzie Ventura

These students have put in the work! They have all taken the training seriously since enrolling, maintained consistent attendance, and made Jiu-Jitsu a priority while participating in other competitive sports.

Caroline (9) has had extreme focus and has been a remarkable student since joining in June 2021. She carries herself with poise and strives for perfection. Caroline always has well-thought-out technical questions. She is always thinking! She does a great job of balancing her Jiu-Jitsu training with her competitive dance schedule.

Noah (11) has made tremendous progress since day one! He’s learned about respect, worked hard on improving his technical skills, and has developed an extremely coachable mindset. He’s become a leader in the Beginners 8-11 year old Program. You can always find Noah getting in more repetitions before class. He's highly competitive, doesn't miss a class, and often, he and his brother Caleb step on the mat directly from competitive swim practice.

Caleb (9) has progressed so much in his focus, discipline, and attitude since joining the training with his brother a year and a half ago. He has an inquisitive mind and is very competitive, and, like his brother, he became one of the leaders in his old program. Caeleb does a great job patiently helping the less experienced and showing them the way.

Mackenzie (6) has been training since Feb 2022. She's following in the footsteps of her older brother Michael, who was once in the KBB Club and has since moved on to the 12-14-Year-Olds' Program. Mackenzie steps onto the mat with a fast walk, gleaming with excitement and a huge smile. She is an exceptional athlete with exceptional focus. When the Instructor asks a question, she is the first to raise her hand. Her mind works fast!

Congratulations, everyone! We are proud of you!