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New Kids Black Belt Club Invitees!

Congratulations to the newest Kids Black Belt Club members, William Guevara (7) and Tyler Ng (11).

These students are developing the traits of a champion: They are disciplined, consistent, highly coachable, and make everyone around them better. Natural leaders! William and Tyler were both tournament standouts at this year’s In-House Tournament in August.

William steps on the mat with his fingers taped and always looks like he just left the barbershop! He puts in repetitions before class and is always the first to raise his hand when the Instructor asks a question. He’s exceptional, and his mind works fast!

Tyler spent ten months on the waitlist patiently watching his younger brother Nolan train from the sidelines. Once a spot opened up in our 8-11-year-old program, he took full advantage and rarely missed a class. Tyler is highly focused and kind and is often found drilling repetitions before class.

These two warriors will bring much energy and value to their new program! Keep it up, boys! We are proud of your hard work and look forward to witnessing your future achievements as part of the Kids Black Belt Club!