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Muay Thai Team Victory in Alameda!

Congrats to our Muay Thai coach Javier Bong for winning his fight at last weekend’s IKF point Muay Thai event in Alameda, Ca.

Bong noticed his opponent’s strength was throwing knees from the clinch, so he used teeps and angles to keep his opponent within striking range of kicks to keep scoring.

In the second round, Bong picked up the pace with aggressive forward movement, adding a variety of hand combinations, knees, and kicks to earn the W.

25-year-old Bosah has been training since the Summer of 2021 and decided to join the competition at the last minute. He remained aggressive and composed throughout the entire fight, utilizing all of his weapons.

Bosah landed multiple clean straight crosses with body and leg kicks. He also swept his opponent a few times at the beginning of each round. In the clinch, Bosah dominated with a barrage of knee strikes to the body to seal his victory.

Well done, sirs!