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Family Spotlight: The Qu's

A family that trains together…

  • Sets the example for their children
  • Strengthens trust and respect
  • Builds quality family time
  • Develops yet another way to bond
  • Learn more about one another
  • Motivate and encourage each-other

Parents Jessica and Yan started their martial arts journey in the Summer of 2018 in the Muay Thai program. One year later they both decided to start their Jiu-Jitsu journey and made it their primary self-defense class.

Jessica and Yan stayed tethered to the training during the pandemic when many quit, religiously attending the classes we hosted live via Zoom.

Last summer, Jessica and Yan enrolled then 9-year-old Aria, and 15-year-old Amelia, who have always been wonderful students. Both were very dedicated from day one, always showing up with a smile on their faces and ready to work.

Such willingness to challenge herself has earned Aria the Student of the Month award for the month of June this year! Just a little over a year ago when beginning her journey, she had made very clear that she would only join if she didn’t have to do live training!

Boy, did that change!

Well done, Qu family! May you continue to be an inspiration not only to your own daughters but to many families out there as well!