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Congratulations, Frankie! April 2023's Student of the Month!

Congratulations, Frankie Thomas! April 2023's Student of the Month!👏🏼

Frankie started her Jiu-Jitsu journey just after her 5th birthday. She was very soft-spoken and somewhat hesitant about Jiu-Jitsu.

Before enrolling, Mom had expressed concern about Frankie's stubbornness and was unsure if she would do well in the classes.

We explained that getting on the mat for a trial class was the only way to find out. They entered the waitlist, waited two months, and Frankie got on the mat for her trial lesson in late August 2021, enrolling for the program immediately after.

Now over 20 months into the training and a few months away from her 7th birthday, holding the rank of Grey/White belt, Frankie is full of confidence with a quiet swagger upon walking on the mat! 💪🏼

We can always count on her smile to brighten our day when greeting us. She is now one of the leaders in our 4-6-year-old class. Frankie is consistent, works hard, volunteers to demonstrate techniques, answers questions, and does not hesitate when it is time for matches.

Her strong-willed and determined personality shines during matches as she stubbornly fights off takedown attempts. She puts in the work!

Frankie is a wonderful teammate and a fantastic role model for the other students in class. She is helpful, kind, and always on task.

Great job, Frankie! We are proud of you!😃