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Congratulations, Farrah Pique! May 2024’s Student of the Month!

Congratulations, Farrah Pique! May 2024’s Student of the Month!

Since joining our Academy two years ago, Farrah, a dedicated and disciplined 12-year-old, has exemplified these qualities. Beginning in the 8-11-year-olds’ Program, her consistency and strong work ethic were immediately evident.

Her focused intensity during drilling became contagious. She and her “mat BFF,” Genevieve Brown, would drill before class, and suddenly, we had a group of eight students joining in.

They both continue pushing one another to the next level, now leading by example in the 12-14-year-old Program!

Farrah has been a trailblazer within her family, being the first among seven members to embark on the journey of Jiu-Jitsu! Older brother Julian, Father Fred, Mother Jasmina, Aunt Marlene, and Cousins Zarah and Iylia followed suit! This commitment is a testament to the disciplined culture within their family unit. They are ALL in! Great job of inspiring, Farrah!

Farrah is a poised competitor. She was a standout at our 2023 In-House Tournament and recently tested her skills at the Jiu-Jitsu World League tournament, showing the heart of a Warrior.

Farrah’s commitment to Jiu-Jitsu is unwavering, even with her competitive soccer schedule. Often, she heads straight to class from the soccer field, demonstrating her dedication and discipline. Bravo, Farrah, and kudos to Mom and Dad for supporting her in this journey of sacrifice and discipline.

Great job, Farrah! We are proud of your hard work and commitment!