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Congrats, Thane Bray! September 2023's Student of the Month!

Congratulations, Thane Bray! September 2023's Student of the Month!

6-year-old Thane has had great focus since his first trial class over one year and a half ago. Thane steps on the mat with the attitude, "I'm here to work!" He shakes the Instructors' hands and looks directly into their eyes with a serious and prideful glare, displaying quiet confidence.

Thane immediately puts in extra work before class. Sometimes, he is working on break falls, drilling with a partner, or continuously jumping jacks until it's time for class to start. ALL BUSINESS!

Thane's focus is infectious; his focused mindset spreads throughout the class. He is respectful to his teammates, is always up for challenges, and perseveres when things become difficult. He is one of the first students with their hand raised to answer a question or to demonstrate a technique.

At our Belt Ceremony in June, Thane was awarded the rank of Grey/White belt, and more recently, he received the Gold medal at this year's Internal Tournament. Hard work and focus get results!

Great job, Thane! We are proud of your hard work and commitment!