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Congrats, Reed Thomas! March 2024's Student of the Month!

Congratulations, Reed Thomas! March 2024's Student of the Month!

10-year-old Reed has been training for just over three years and is a student of the Kids Black Belt Club, our Elite Kids Jiu-Jitsu Program. Reed is always on task with a calm and focused intensity. He's a rule follower who is highly coachable and rarely misses class. As a result, his skill continues to improve at an accelerated rate.

Anytime the Instructors demonstrate a technique, we can count on Reed's full attention. His laser focus is contagious, and he drills with high intensity. When it is time to spar, Reed keeps his stoic demeanor regardless of how the match is going. He stays calm in the most challenging situations in a match, which is a must to get to the highest level of the art.

Reed is a competitive and dynamic athlete whose favorite takedown is the foot sweep. His playful side always comes out during games at the end of class; then he is full of emotion.

Reed's exemplary behavior makes him a terrific role model for his younger brother Keller, who is in the 6-8-year-olds' Program.

Great job, buddy! We are proud of your hard work and commitment!