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Congrats, Nolan Ng! July 2023's Student of the Month!

Congratulations, Nolan Ng! July 2023’s Student of the Month!

Eight-year-old Noland is a student who has discipline! He enters the mat and greets the Instructors with a shy smile and calm demeanor, all with the watchful eye of Mom, Dad, older brother, and little sister, who is a star at the Academy.

Shortly thereafter, his classmates crowd around him. When we give Nolan a task, we can count on him putting in the work to master the skill. He is a great teammate who doesn’t get distracted when others are off track.

Nolan is always quietly doing the right thing. His focused mindset is contagious! Nolan is respectful, kind and makes everyone around him better. This is why everyone lines up to be Nolan’s partner. They know he is on the path of discipline.

After ten months of training and consistently attending all classes, Nolan’s skills and confidence have grown tremendously. We are excited to watch him continue to excel.

Great job, buddy! We are proud of your hard work and commitment!