Congrats, Harley Milhous! June 2024's Student of the Month!

Congratulations, Harley Milhous! June 2024’s Student of the Month!

At five years old, Harley has been a dedicated member of our 4-6-year-olds’ Program for over a year. Being the youngest of four siblings who train (in addition to Daddy), he has many role models in his family!

Harley often wakes up after a nap and enters the mat with a readiness that shows his commitment. He meticulously ties his belt, ensuring he’s prepared before class begins.

Harley radiates joy, focused intensity, and a quick-witted humor that lights up the room. His positive energy is contagious, uplifting instructors, teammates, parents, and siblings alike. Harley’s friendly nature makes him a beloved member of his class and our Academy.

Balancing “work mode” and “play mode” easily, Harley strives for perfection in every drill, mastering the fundamentals with dedication.

He never misses a class, embraces coaching, and has fun while doing it all. His ability to laugh at himself when he makes silly mistakes is a testament to his wonderful spirit. With this winning attitude, it’s no wonder he competes like a champion on the mat.

Fantastic job, Harley! We are incredibly proud of your hard work and commitment!