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Congrats, Colt Johnston! August 2023's Student of the Month!

11-year-old Colt has been a dedicated student from the start. He has maintained an enthusiastic attitude in the five years he has been a student at the Academy. COMMITMENT!

Colt is coachable, a great teammate, kind, and has been a positive role model for his younger sister Mattingly, who is currently thriving in our 4-6-year-old class. He paved the way!

Colt is always eager to do the right thing and takes pride in putting in the work. He has a way of quietly encouraging his teammates and getting the best out of them during drilling sessions.

Colt has progressed through the Youth Programs. Starting in the 6-8-year-ols, moving on to the 8-11-year-olds, and most recently moving into the 12-14-year-olds' program. Colt also balances his Jiu-Jitsu training with his competitive baseball schedule.

We have witnessed Colt's focus, athletic ability, and confidence continue to evolve year after year. He puts in the work, and he is seeing the results!

Great job, Colt! Keep up the outstanding work!