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Coach Javier "Bong" & Teen Daughters

Coach Javier "Bong" Ramos and his two sweet yet fierce teenage daughters, Aubrey (L), and Addy (R).

Bong was born and raised in the Philippines until his parents moved the family to Guam at 9, then to California at 10 years of age.

As a highly active child, he played sports every day. He remembers being inspired by the Street Fighter video game character Ryu, a worldwide hit in the early 90s.

Bong's Martial Arts journey started at 13 when he began training under the Grand Master Lay Wing Sung at Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Academy in Fremont, CA.

While a student, he learned multiple forms, weapons (long staff and spear), and the demonstrations necessary to attain his Green Sash in 3 years.

Bong played High School Basketball and Football and wrestled for Mission San Jose in Fremont, CA.

With much dedication and hard work, he was a finalist at every wrestling tournament.

While in college for Engineering at San Jose State University, Bong started weightlifting to supplement his athleticism.

After becoming a Dad at 22, he did multiple long-distance marathons, including Tough Mudders and Spartan Races.

After training with us for three years and consistently displaying a great work ethic as a student, we invited Bong to become part of our teaching staff and share his experience with our community.

He now leads the Saturday 10:00 AM Muay Thai class and is always looking to meet new students who are serious about learning the devastating striking skills of Muay Thai!