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Article: The Gracie Diet & Nutrition

Growing up in the Gracie Family, was growing up w/ a unique philosophy about food.

The Gracie Diet was created by my grandfather Carlos Gracie to ensure our bodies’ PH was maintained at a slightly alkaline state, inflammation-free, making it practically impossible for diseases to occur and thrive.

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I was taught to see food as fuel to my body and that regardless of what my taste buds thought of each food ingested, the goal is to give my body the nutrients it needed to perform at its best and not just to please myself.

As a child, I remember seeing my and other relatives’ kitchen countertops always filled with fruits like Watermelons, Guava, Apples, Pears, Papayas, Orange (the non-acidic version found in Brazil), Figs, etc.

Beets, Avocados, salads with green leaves, Hearts of palm, Cucumbers, and lots of white meat proteins were also something we often ate as children.

While maintaining the same beliefs and application as I have going through life and passing them on to my daughter, I also understand that studies evolve. Nutrition isn’t any different, and this is the point of this post.

During my recent endeavor to further my education in nutrition, I met @natcruznutri and learned a lot more than I thought I knew. Not only what I learned directly from my family but from others in the high-level sports performance industry, in which I’ve been part of all my life.

In my discussions with Natalia, I got a much clearer understanding of nutrition, muscle gain, fat loss, metabolism, how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can affect how we eat and subsequently directly affect our lifestyle, and more.

While in Brazil, I met up with her to get a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis done to check out my current BMI (Body Mass Index), muscle mass, skeletal muscle, body water, body age, body fat, visceral body fat, and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

Since first connecting with her, she’s given me a dietary plan to follow after a full nutrient panel blood test, among others, which I have been since following to ensure my body is well served all around.

Hit her up for a consultation, and hire her to join your own “Health Team” pronto! 😃💪🏼