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Article: Jiu-Jitsu Training & Nature

Soothing the soul in my birthplace with nature, family, childhood friends, workouts, fruit-filled meals, and tranquility.

It is my personal philosophy that the more time I spend by nature, be it by breathing the cold air from the mountains while snowboarding or jumping in a lake or the ocean for a quick energy cleanse no matter the temperature, the stronger and more well-balanced my body, mind, and spirit become.

If I can’t be on the mountains or jumping into a lake, or ocean, or standing under a waterfall, then I head out to my backyard bare feet on the grass, turn towards the sun, open my arms, and “inhale” some of its power for the day and week ahead.

Energy exchange between people is a real thing. Coming across negative souls at any given time is inevitable. Despite being aware that we can take certain paths to disallow “contamination” when encountering one, residues may still be left over. We must recognize that and pay attention not to carry such negativity and, worse yet, spread it to others.

Going back to nature as often as possible, asking for and thanking for the energy received by way of speaking to the creator, is something I often do, as I believe it empowers me and helps me get rid of what doesn’t serve me.

No matter how much I love my job, I learned to accept that stress will always be part of fulfilling my mission. And I must know when and how to reset myself in order not only to maximize my productivity but maintain such productivity going in for the most prolonged period of time possible.

And to remain a fountain of positivity, prosperity, and empowerment to all who cross my and Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu’s path. 💪🏼