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Article: Jiu-Jitsu Builds Relationships

One of the most beautiful aspects that young students enjoy when they join our Jiu-Jitsu programs is the camaraderie created among the team.

Camaraderie instills mutual respect, trust, and a sense of well-being in a team. It brings a sense of closeness that forms a strong bond between teammates. Ultimately, it is this friendship and loyalty that they have for one another that helps them work together towards a common goal.

As instructors, one of our primary goals is to cultivate camaraderie within our students. The mutual trust and friendship that they develop while training will give them positive memories that will last a lifetime, allowing them to build strong relationships in the future.

Our students spend hundreds of hours practicing on their teammates per year. They work and play hard together, get tired, and sweaty, and share emotions of failure and success daily. Many times making friends through Jiu-Jitsu leads to lifelong relationships with teammates from childhood, high school, and college. Some of my closest friendships to date developed through the thousands of hours of training growing up in Brazil.

There’s something amazing about the feeling of being accepted by your peers, and this acceptance can significantly improve a child’s self-esteem. Moreover, it helps them enjoy Jiu-Jitsu and genuinely have fun with their friends.

Not every child is confident in social situations. That’s why it’s essential for instructors, parents, and other adults involved in team sports to help encourage team-building, sportsmanship, and inclusion. By guiding the kids through team-building activities, we can help them build stronger connections with each other.

The satisfaction we feel when we see our students become close friends off the mat, inviting each other to birthday parties, sleepovers, and weekend getaways is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. We know this bond will last years if not a lifetime.

With all that said, we look forward to seeing all of our students and families joining us for our annual Potluck Party at the Veterans Park next Saturday!