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Article: Consistent Training

CONSISTENT TRAINING is, without a doubt, the most important aspect of athletic success and forward progress. Even a poorly designed or random training program will produce results if followed consistently and training occurs regularly.

A four-day-per-week plan followed with energy and precision is better than a 5-day-per-week plan that leaves you tired, and unmotivated and adversely affects other areas of your life.

Consistency doesn't just apply to the frequency of workouts, but how consistently you adhere to the workout format. It's no surprise that those who follow their plan precisely are the ones who see the greatest improvements in performance.

SCHEDULE time for your workouts as you would any other appointment. Don't try to fit them in haphazardly; put workouts on your calendar or have a set time each day. A good Instructor will help you make the most efficient use of your training time and can customize a plan to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Each workout must have a purpose, consistently moving you forward.

Train HARD, train SMART, and train CONSISTENTLY.

Susumu Nagao

Pride Bushido 7

Tokyo, Japan