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Adult Jiu-Jitsu Program Student Testimonial

Thank you, Dustin, for taking the time to share your training experience. We are happy to have you as part of of our student-body!

51-year-old Dustin Ruddell has now been training for about 18 months and has become one of the highest-attendance students of the Adult Jiu-Jitsu program.

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Dustin is a true Martial Arts lover. He has attended since enrolling in September of 2021 attended over 100 private lessons between gi, no-gi, and Muay Thai. That’s right, over 100 privates alone to date.

He was the 2022 Student of the Year award winner and totaled 157 classes attended that year between group and individual, 5th overall in the Adult JJ Program.

Dustin is now a 4-stripe white belt and continues to be relentless in his pursuit of Jiu-Jitsu mastery.

He’s always graceful on victory and defeat when sparring with his training partners, and is an example to be followed when talking about having the ideal attitude for success on the mat.

Well done, Dustin! We are proud of your dedication!💪🏼