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Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Reviews

The CGJJ Academy has exceeded our expectations as a Jiu-Jitsu academy. The academy more than develops your self-defense skills, it builds ones confidence and develops the younger students character. The respect for Professor Crosley and Instructor Ryan is unmeasurable, the value they bring through the doors is priceless.

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Todd M.

I met Crosley several years ago when looking to find a place that both motivated me (I struggle in that area) and was a fitness institute. I interviewed Crosley Gracie and what convinced me was that Jiu Jitsu was going to improve me as a person in addition to meeting my fitness goals. I could earn something in addition to a belt such as confidence, patience that translates into real life areas such as the home life and work place. I truly feel I made the best decision multiple years ago when I made the commitment/investment to join. I have had to walk away a time or two for one reason or another where life's speed bumps slow down the pocket book along the way, but have felt the difference of jiu jitsu no longer being apart of my life. It changed me and I didn't like the feeling. I've been back and feel I'm moving in the right direction again. Thank you to the excellent staff and the other members here who unknowingly to them have become apart of my improving me process. The atmosphere wasn't what brought me here, but it has definitely become what keeps me here. When you feel there is a need for something more for you to work on, to work on you? You've come to the right place. See you round if you dive in and I look forward to shaking your hand.

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Mark Sherrill

Two years ago we made one of the best decisions for our son Timmy. After being diagnosed with ADHD and the Battle of prescription medicines and the daily struggle I was wondering if you're doing the right thing? We decided to look into the Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy and the summer program. After talking with Ryan Murphy and Crosley, I listened to their perspective and experience through their knowledge about ADHD and how Jiu-Jitsu helps kids with it. Really quickly we seen results and decided to enroll him full-time as a student. Today Timmy has made a complete transformation from being able to focus and be more confident in everything he does from his school work and wrestling at his school and being involved in discipleship programs at the church. I recommend it for any kid that struggling in school or with confidence. The training and coaching from the staff at Crossing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu has not only shown true but also has been priceless, thank you! 

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Jason Pedersen

I signed up my daughter for classes here in September, and we love it! It's nice to see a business owner so present and invested in the everyday quality of business operations. Crosley personally answered all of my many questions when we were signing up. Everyone here is friendly and helpful, and they genuinely care about the students in class. Ryan has such impressive patience and discipline to keep all these kids focused during each lesson, not to mention great enthusiasm and technique demonstration. My daughter has learned so much already, and we can already see positive changes off the mat, too! ;) It's a great community, and everything has been top-notch so far. I cannot recommend Crosley Gracie and his team enough! Thank you!

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Kelly M.

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So incredibly happy we came to this academy. The instructors are simply top notch and great people. We enjoy training here; our little one will start soon and with him it will be all our family training here. It was one of the best decisions we made. Training here has helped us with discipline, confidence, humility- so much more than just getting into shape- which by the way happens very quickly! We cancelled our gym membership, this is worth so much more. Definitely worth the investment and would recommend Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in a heartbeat.

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Emperatriz Alva

I just recently attended the women's self-defense seminar put on by Crosley Gracie. I would highly recommended this place to anyone that was interested in learning the art of Jiu Jitsu. The facility was awesome. The staff was so friendly and accommodating. The self defense seminar was exactly what I was hoping for. They showed us several drills to help defend ourselves in many situations. The information was priceless and they did drills with us so that we could practice and learn the proper technique. I plan on taking the 12 week class to learn more.

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Krista M.

Crosley Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy is a great facility. The instructors (Crosley and Ryan) do an amazing job making sure you understand what they're teaching, and how to apply it on the mat, and how to protect yourself off the mat. They're decades of experience with Jiu Jitsu is easily noticed through they're abilities and curriculum. As a type one diabetic I have to balance my diet, and exercise. This style of fitness, training, and camaraderie is a home run for me. If you are looking for a place to train, get in shape, be surrounded by positive attitude's, and accomplish goals this place is perfect. My family is looking forward to more years of learning, adapting and just having a good time. Thank you CGJJA

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Joel F.

The cure for everything. I cannot begin to tell you of every benefit I have received since joining the academy. I can tell you that pursuing Jiu Jitsu at Crosely Gracie has improved my physical being as well as strengthening me mentally and, suprisingly, spiritually. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH CROSLEY GRACIE JIU JITSU ACADEMY.

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Erik Simian

I believe that the highest assessment for an academy would be a child's desire to come back every week. We enrolled both our daughter and son when they just turned 4 years old and now almost 2 years later they are thriving at CGJJA. Their confidence, strength and ability to focus has grown immensely both at the academy and all aspects of their life. RYAN, EDGAR & CROSLEY are amazing with the children and my kids are excited to attend each week and they have learned so many other life skills, such as self-defense and respect for one another. All the teachers are very approachable, loving, friendly, always listen to our opinions and share their thoughts, but most importantly, their compassion for the kids and the encouragement they provide. I give Crosley Gracie Jiu Jitsu my highest recommendation. Have your child try a class, you will be glad you did!

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Andrea C

So incredibly happy we came to this academy. The instructors are simply top notch and great people. We enjoy training here; our little one will start soon and with him it will be all our family training here. It was one of the best decisions we made. Training here has helped us with discipline, confidence, humility- so much more than just getting into shape- which by the way happens very quickly! We cancelled our gym membership, this is worth so much more. Definitely worth the investment and would recommend Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in a heartbeat.

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Claudia A.

I cannot put into words how much signing up has helped me. Not only has it helped me physically with my core and flexibility, it has also helped me with my confidence. I love how the beginner class spent the time to teach street self-defense. Since I've started, I've been more outgoing and willing to try new things. This past year has been the best year of my life. The instructors are amazing and the people who go there are just as nice. Every time I leave, I feel a sense of accomplishment whether it was a good day or a tough day. The only thing I regret is that I did not sign up sooner.

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Julian Sutton

All I can say is AMAZING! My son started here a few months ago and we have seen improvements in not only his focus at home but also at school. The instructors are professional and caring and they really care about the kids...... 1000000 percent recommend them.

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Stephanie B

This Jiu Jitsu training center is so much more than a just a place to learn Jiu Jitsu and Muy Thai. It's a place to help both young and old build character, learn how to protect yourself, and learn what it means to be humble. My Daughter and I have been here for 3+ years and feel as though we are a part of the family here. My daughter has become a strong individual in both her demeanor and her work ethic. We owe this in a huge way to Crosley and Ryan. If you are thinking of making a commitment to either your self or your child, look no further this is the place.

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Troy R.

I began training at Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy back in November/October of 2012 after moving from the east coast. I came into the academy with zero experience in ground fighting at all, and was apprehensive about the whole idea. After my first trial class I became instantly hooked. We got good workouts in, put effort into learning the techniques, and had fun doing it. Very positive learning environment in the academy, and they implement respect and good morals into the lessons which is great. For example they send the kids home with letters to their parents and school teachers to grade their performance before promotions. You have to actually earn it! My teammates and I have only continued to grow throughout the years, and while it does take commitment and time, if you keep the drive up and put in your time/attention, the rewards are more than worth it once you've earned them. Ryan and Crosley along with the rest of the staff have been great. 100% would do it all over again.

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Cody Spangenberg

My 10 year old son started at Crosley Gracie BJJ Academy this past December. His confidence has grown and he has a new joy in self-defense, fitness and a new sport. He looks forward to going to his BJJ class throughout the week. Crosley, Ryan Murphy and the assistant instructors are all great with the kids.

The people/families who participate at the academy are also friendly and welcoming.

I hope to be able to begin training soon at the academy as my work schedule will allow.

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Nicholas Vera

Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu has been an amazing experience. I have trained in martial arts my entire life, but wanted to expand my horizons and try Jiu-Jitsu. I wanted to learn how to protect myself on the ground, not just striking and blocking.

After going through some life threatening injuries, I became extremely limited on what I could do physically, but after 6 years, paralysis, and chronic nerve pain, I decided to take a chance and finally try what I had been wanting.

This school has been a life-saver for me, they have allowed me to go at my own pace, but also pushing my physical abilities, allowing me to learn my limits and go even farther.

So far this school has helped me achieve those goals of self perseverance, knowing my limits, and I am continuing to learn and grow in so many ways.

I am grateful I found this academy at this point in my life and I plan to make this a life style.

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Shawn S.

I joined Crosley Gracie Academy to help me deal with the death of my older brother 3 years ago, and to overcome my fears. Its helped me more than words can say.

Im much more confident than before and always much more at peace.

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Jeremy Clements

There is simply no better Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Both of our kids train here and my husband also does Mauy Thai here. It is like our second family, they are friendly, supportive, positive and honestly the best thing we could of ever done for our kids. If your looking for a place to train look no further.

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Stephanie Baillargeon

We couldn't be any more thankful for the countless hours that Professor Crosley & Instructor Ryan put in at the academy. Crosley Gracie Jiu Jitsu academy is a place where you know you will learn, and be taught with expertise. Our son started there quite a wild child, The skills and technique that is taught as well as respect, loyalty, determination, obedience, strength and so much more is above any other sport that we have been a part of. The chavez family highly recommends Crosley Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy!

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Serena Trayse Chavez

Crosley, Ryan and Fernando have been great to learn from. Honestly an honor. I encourage anyone to come and give it a shot see if it is something for you. It is as equally challenging as it is benificial. It is clean, safe and everbody is friendly and helpful.

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Kevin W.

Both Crosley and Fernando are extremely thorough and precise in their teachings. I am deeply honored and humbled to train amongst such a motivated and helpful class of students.

Highly recommended!

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Sheldon Russell

Great as always. I have seen such a huge Improvement in my son emotinally and academically since starting. The staff is beyond polite and respectful and they are amazing with their students. I would not go anywhere else....

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Stephanie B.

Let's face it, having to defend yourself is a scary thought, which makes learning and practicing in a safe, supportive environment invaluable! The Women's Self Defense class is that and more: Effective self-defense techniques are taught by knowledgable, friendly instructors to a class populated by women who recognize they are worth defending and work hard to learn. Add in the clean environment and an unbeatably great workout and you have got yourself a win, Win, WIN deal!!

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Kathleen S.

If you are looking for a place that you can learn self defense,a place that you can gain confidence,a place that you can get into the best shape of your life, a place to learn life lessons,a place to meet people that you can make life long bonds with. Then this is the place to be.. The dedication shown from the amazing instructors is immeasurable. From the first day student to the 15 year veteran everyday spent on the mat is a day that will make you a better human!!!

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Larry Frye

I initially trained at a martial arts gym out in Concord. The training was great. It was a traditional stand-up style. However, I knew that statistically most fights end on the ground though. That was the problem, I didn't have any grappling experience and wanted to learn more. I looked into a few schools and finally chose Crosley Gracie Jiu Jitsu for a number of reasons: 1. Professionalism, 2. Friendliness of staff, 3. the fact that the black belt(s) / owner actually trained us, 4. Cleanliness of school, 5. Location (it was closer to my home than my previous gym), 6. Flexible schedules. Through Crosley Gracie BJJ, I feel I now have a much better ground game, more overall health, and most importantly long lasting friendships with my teammates and coaches. My life is more fulfilled because of this gym and through stability of work/life/health, I plan to train here for years to come!

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Ryan Woodward

This gym is legit. Great place to train. This is the perfect gym to learn a REAL martial art. No phony business here. Plus you will make great, honest, loyal friends. You will be mentally and physically challenged. You will be humbled many times, but you will have fun. You will also learn and improve in more ways than just as a martial artist. You will have fun. Come on in and enjoy a choke!

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Ryan W.

Super, awesome instructors! The other students are incredible supportive! Great family atmosphere!

Jiu Jitsu is not easy, but it's so worth it!

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Maris Goldsborough

Absolutely amazing!! I've been a part of this Academy for over a year now. Never had a better experience with a martial arts academy. Crosley Gracie is an amazing instructor, and and Ryan is amazing as well. Very clear lots of fun recommended to everybody.

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Rick H.

I used to train Muay Thai here and loved it. I took a break and got out of shape. I recently returned and started training jiu-jitsu. In just over 4 months I have lost almost 30 pounds and I am feeling much healthier.

The instructors are very knowledgable, the schedule provides a lot of flexibility, and the training partners are friendly.

My son also trained jiu-jitsu here, and I can't say enough about what a great kids program Crosley has put together.

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Jason B.

this place is great very family oriented theres always friendly people always kids around instructors are polite and respectful instead of it feeling like a chore to go and wait for your kid you soon realize that you cant wait to go back chat with the new friends you make and best of all you can see your child or sibling succeed. if your considering this place dont call and ask questions you should check out the facility and meet the Crosley Gracie jiu-jitsu family.

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Ernesto Peralta

I'm recently retired and a new student at Crosley Jui-jitsu. I enjoy the camaraderie and positive learning atmosphere. The classes are challenging and fun and I'm loving the journey!

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Monica Alvarado Hagen

I'm the first place, I am ecstatic that my son has found something - other than video games- that he actually enjoys! He just signed on and so far he is motivated and excited to attend class. I'm happy that he actually wants to learn something that's physically challenging and even more pleased with the level professionalism of this business. The school feels clean. The instructors are observant and offer constructive training. The staff is professional and able to answer my questions clearly. There is a sense of family within this school. Kids are being constantly engaged physically and mentally. My son looks like he's focused, determined and he actually looks like he's having fun. I am very pleased with this school and would recommend to everyone. I am so glad I brought my son in for a trial class. I hope this is something he grows to love even more for many years to come.

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Claudia M.

Before I started training jiu jitsu I suffered from disturbing nightmares about being attacked and not knowing how to defend myself or protect my daughter. I met the owner of the academy through a mutual friend and he said that continued jiu jitsu training could help empower myself and my thoughts. After researching jiu jitsu, I decided to join to improve my confidence, get in shape (being that I was in my early 30's and having never really worked out) and hopefully get rid of my insecurities.

Since I started training, 4 1/2 years ago, I am in the best shape of my life and have never felt so well conditioned physically and mentally. The daily training methods some of which consists of full resistance matches with men, replicates what could happen if I were to ever be attacked in the streets ( full resisting attacker trying to take down and subdue his target). The empowerment that I have gotten from training and submitting men who at times are bigger and stronger than me in practice is priceless.

The feeling of camaraderie and respect amongst the instructors and students make it easy for anyone to adapt to the training, be it in the women only or co-ed classes. I was invited to perform rape prevention demonstrations at free seminars for women in our community.

Another aspect of the training that I love is the option to enter tournaments, which are held all over the state. My female teammates and I compete regularly and have even won major tournaments in NorCal.

The academy is always clean and is very spacious. They offer two large training areas, one for jiu jitsu and one for Muay Thai (which I also love). Coach Stephanie Horine is very knowledgable, friendly and has a fantastic energy.

Their kids jiu jitsu program is also very comprehensive and teaches a lot more than just self defense to the children. My daughter trained for 1 1/2 years and learned a lot about discipline, respect and improved her athleticism a lot.

This gym is a great addition to any family and I'm very thankful that they are in our community and I am a part of it.

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Rylah Lenford

I've been wanting to write a testimonial about the Crosley Gracie Academy for sometime. About four years ago we were looking for an activity that would give my oldest son (5yrs old at that time) life skills, specifically, the ability to protect himself if ever needed.

We looked at several places. When we visited this academy we found a comfortable setting and were greeted by the instructors. After talking to them we decided to give it a shot. We are so glad that we did. Our oldest son loved it immediately and both Instructor Crosley and Instructor Ryan shared their knowledge and skills through patient and precise teaching. They find the right balance between teaching, independence and motivation. The students and families also make this academy great!

We've been so impressed that my 2nd son joined two years ago when he was 4. Both of our boys love it so much that they have competed in tournaments. Even I finally joined 3 months ago and I love it.

Through attending the classes and the belt ceremony I found that this academy is much more than a self-defense academy. They bring a strong set of life values which reinforce how we raise our boys. Values such as respecting others, team work, hard work, and graciousness. Even simple lessons like shake hands with a firm grip and look at a persons eyes when you speak with them. With all the unfortunate stories on the news and internet we need more places like Crosley Gracie Academy along with the instructors, students and families that make this place great.

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Chris Tabasa

After 3 years of sitting on the sidelines while my husband and three children trained, I finally decided to get on the mat. I can't believe I waited this long! Crosley Gracie and Ryan Murphy are phenomenal instructors! I go home sweaty and tired, and can't wait to get back on the mat! For those of you thinking about training, don't just think about it, do it and sign up today. I promise you will not regret it!

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Francisca Garibay

The whole staff at Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu academy have surpassed my expectations. They are patient supportive. I have and will continue to suggest this school to anyone looking to improve their level of fitness or to learn self defense.

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William S.

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