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The idea behind our Summer Camps is to provide all participants, children, teens and adults, with a well rounded and realistic street self-defense training. The camps are beginner friendly and there's absolutely no previous martial arts experience, or athletic ability necessary in order to join. Each session is held in a very controlled setting, supervised by two Black Belt instructors and a few assistant instructors.

Our Summer Camps are the perfect opportunity for first time students to begin their martial arts training!

Although Gracie Jiu-Jitsu consists of hundreds and hundreds of techniques, only a few dozen are considered critical to achieve victory in most street fights. These techniques are the core of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu as a self-defense system. We broke these techniques down and teach them in both, the Kids and Adult Camps.

The techniques we teach are within the phases below, which is Jiu-Jitsu's strategic approach to combat: 

1. Closing the distance and clinching

2. Takedown

3. Establish a safe and dominant position

4. Finish the fight

Take On The Best Youth Camp In Brentwood! Perfect For Ages 8-13!

*Sold out as 04/14/22. Please call us about entering the waitlist.

    Typically, many parents enroll their children in martial arts for its incredible cross training benefits that it gets carried onto other sports. Attributes such as mental toughness, hard work, focus, dedication, effort as well as strength development, explosiveness, coordination, and balance are just some of the results continued training can bring.

    Although nothing compares to a longer-term commitment as far as results go, our 30-hour Kids Camp (10 sessions of three hours each) have surely helped all previous participants leave better athletes and students than when they came in. 

    In these classes, we also teach first-time students how to learn, how to listen, and how to apply the techniques learned with training partners who are moderately resisting and countering with their own moves. This training method is a great confidence booster as they practice under realistic conditions, much like I’d take place on the street, with exception of punches and kicks.

    Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am until 12 pm. Youth Camp will run June 14 - July 14. 

    Class Format For Our Kids Camps Is:

    - Warm-up: plyometric exercises to improve coordination, partner-based drills, and stretching.

    - Technical drills: repetitions and more repetitions for maximum retention and improved reflexes.

    - Snack Break: Refuel and relax before the last segment.

    - Muay Thai Drills: Basic punching and kicking skills, with a focus on balance and proper technique. 

    - Live training: Putting their skills to the test against fully resisting partners. Experienced students only.

    Bullying and the Gracie Rules of Engagement

    Throughout the camp we talk constantly about bullying and what steps to take to prevent and address it should they ever become a victim. We sit down and listen to their stories and offer advice. We allow the students to interact, discuss experiences and exchange information and comments amongst themselves.

    We make sure they know exactly how to respond verbally and physically should they encounter a difficult situation with an aggressor. For more on bullying and the Rules of Engagement, please click here to visit the Kids Jiu-Jitsu Program page.

      Registration Includes

      - Access to all 30 hours of training

      - A pair of MMA gloves

      - Gracie Summer Camp tee

      - Certificate of Completion (must attend all sessions)

      - Belt Stripe for current students (must attend all sessions) 


      Comfortable work out clothing (shorts and camp t-shirt/Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu rash guard/t-shirt).

      Notes For Parents

      - Please arrive at least ten minutes prior to the beginning of the classes

      - No pants are allowed

      - All participants must wear camp shirts (included with enrollment)

      - Make sure participant(s) wears flip-flops for easy entry/exit of training areas

      - For snacks we recommend fruits such as oranges, grapes, bananas, berries as they are light, healthy and easy to digest.

      - CLEAN bodies are a must!

        Or Join Us For The Exciting Adult Camp For Ages 14 & Up!

        This camp is designed for first time self-defense students looking to get in shape and learn realistic street self-defense techniques, and for those with previous experience, looking to expand and sharpen their skills. Space is very limited!

        On Tuesdays and Thursday from 7:15 - 8:30 pm, The Adult Camp will run from June 14 - August 11. Participants take on 20 hours of no-gi training over the course of 16 sessions.

        Some techniques participants will learn are:

        - Managing distance between themselves and an attacker who's trying to hit them

        - Takedowns and counters

        - Positional control strategies

        - Escapes and reversals from the bottom

        - Submission techniques (chokeholds and joint locks)

          Class Format For Our Adult Camps Is:

          Warm-up: designed to improve your coordination, balance, flexibility, and overall conditioning. 

          Technique drills: 3, 4, and 5-minute rounds of repetitions on each of the daily topics. Entire 16-class curriculum available for viewing at front desk.

          Live training: Full resistance training available to those with previous experience.

          Registration Includes

          - Access to all 20 hours of training

          - Gracie Summer Camp tee

          - Certificate of Completion (must attend all sessions)

          - Belt Stripe for current students (must attend all sessions) 


          Comfortable work out clothing (shorts and camp t-shirt/Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu rash guard/t-shirt).

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