FAQ's of Muay Thai Kickboxing

FAQ's of Muay Thai Kickboxing

What is Muay Thai exactly?

Muay Thai is a form of kickboxing developed in Thailand. It is often called the art of eight weapons because practitioners utilize their feet, hands, knees, and elbows to damage their opponents! While many people study Muay Thai for self-defense benefits, large numbers embrace the sport for fitness rather than its martial qualities. Training delivers excellent health benefits: greater strength, fat loss, increased endurance, increased quickness, and tremendous flexibility.


I haven't really exercised in a long time. Is this class going to be too intense for me? 

One of the great things about kickboxing is that you start at your own pace, gradually increasing the level of intensity as you get more fit. The classes will push you, but ultimately, the intensity of the workouts is entirely up to you.


What makes your Muay Thai program different from what is being offered at other facilities?

First of all, we teach authentic Muay Thai, not cardio kickboxing. There's a big difference! Our instructors have extensive training and competition background in Muay Thai kickboxing. Beware of illegitimate instructors and schools who advertise Muay Thai classes when their real background experience is Karate, Tae Kwon Do, if even. 


Our classes are designed so that beginners can set their own individual pace and progressively increase their level of intensity. Individual attention to technique execution is a feature in every class. After just a few lessons, you will understand why no other school's program can match what we offer.


Is there any contact in your Muay Thai classes?

Yes, there is contact in our Muay Thai program through warm-up drills, partner drills, and sparring (when you are technically eligible to do so). Although, you don't have to participate in any sparring activity unless you choose to test your skills, which we will always recommend. Sparring is a lot of fun but completely optional. In the classes, you will learn to hold pads for your training partners and practice defensive and offensive striking combinations with your hands, feet, elbows, and knees. 


How long does it take to get results with Muay Thai as far as conditioning goes? 

Results are almost immediate depending on your workouts' frequency, intensity, and duration. Our Instructors are there to guide and motivate you, but ultimately, the intensity level of your training is up to you. On average, within the initial two weeks, you can look for an increase in energy level; the following weeks for a change in the way your clothes fit; by the second month, you can notice a difference on the scale. Remember that an appropriate diet will always increase results. Results may vary. 


What's the average calorie loss per class? 

This will vary according to how hard you want to push yourself. It can range anywhere from 600 to 900 calories per class (55 minutes).     


What's the class format like?

The class format may change from time to time to provide workout variety. Still, the typical class starts with two or three rounds of jumping rope, which will help you develop footwork improve coordination and cardio capacity. This warm-up period will be followed by two rounds of shadowboxing, which will help improve your striking technique and further your footwork. Hitting the heavy bags to improve your technique, stamina, and power for a few rounds will follow. Partner drills with or without hand mitts/Thai pads will conclude the class.


Is Muay Thai kickboxing good for self-defense? 

It depends on how you train. With good power, accuracy, and speed, the strikes of Muay Thai can be devastating. Despite being an extremely empowering and fun class, if you are looking solely to improve your street self-defense skills, we highly recommend you to sign up for the Jiu-Jitsu program instead.


Are there any tournaments or competitions around the area if I want to compete?

Yes, we have a competition team that competes 4, 5 times a year. This will require an extra level of commitment from you. Competition isn't a right, but a privilege only reserved for those willing to sacrifice and commit to the training. If the instructor feels that you have been putting in the necessary work to perform well at a competition, he will let you know. 


I've never done any sports before. How often should I attend classes so I don't overdo it initially?

If you have never done any sports before, we recommend starting your training with two classes a week for the first few months. This will ensure your body gets used to the exercises and repetitions we practice throughout the class. As a reminder, private lessons are also a great way to learn the fundamentals and ease you into the group classes.


Will there be other beginners in class like me? 

Yes! We have new members joining practically every week, and about 90% of them have never trained before! One thing they all have in common is, they all got hooked after their first class! 


When do you offer classes for adults?

Currently, we offer classes three days per week. As demand for the classes increases, we will add more options for our students. Classes are currently held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 pm and Wednesday at 9:30 am. The last one is a no-contact cardio-based heavy bag workout class. Besides our instructional program, we also provide "open mat" times for those who want to come in and work out independently. In addition, private lessons are also available, which can be scheduled for any time in the day.


What's the youngest age someone has to be to join the adult program? 

14 year olds may join the adult program. Even some 13-year-olds have joined in the past; however, that can only be decided after a trial lesson to access the student's size and maturity level. 


Is Muay Thai safe for my teen daughter/son? 

Absolutely! We pay great attention to safety. It is always our top priority. All class rules and etiquettes are in place to maximize our students learning experience and minimize injuries, and our instructors are trained to strictly enforce them.


What benefits will my teenager have from the Muay Thai classes offered here?

Besides the obvious fitness benefits, shy teens who lack assertiveness and self-confidence tend to improve their social skills and make new friends, being that partner drills take place in every class. Some of your teen's training partners will include Police Officers, Nurses, Firemen, School Teachers, Moms & Dads, and competitive athletes. 


Do you offer Muay Thai classes for kids? 

Yes. We currently offer classes for kids ages 8-13. The classes take place on Monday and Wednesday at 5:00 pm for approximately one hour. To learn more, please email us at info@crosleygracie.com.


Which program should I choose for my child, Jiu-Jitsu or Muay Thai? 

As far as Self-Defense goeswe believe that overall Jiu-Jitsu training provides a more complete, effective, and humane way for children to address a physical situation. The strategy behind Jiu-Jitsu's plan of action against physical threats allows children to subdue an aggressor of any size without using kicks or punches. In other words, if confidence development, self-defense, or bully-proofing your child is your priority, we suggest you consider enrolling them in our Jiu-Jitsu program.


Why do you require a 12-month agreement?

We want to ensure you give yourself a real chance to see how many benefits you will get from the training. One or two months of practice won't provide new students the results in conditioning, skill, and other physical and mental attributes that a minimum of a full year will. The longer you train, the more benefits you will experience, and the better at self-defense you will be. We guarantee that with consistent training from the get-go, the training will become something you will not be able to live without!


I'm not sure if I want to commit to a minimum of 12 months, any suggestions?

Well, if you aren't sure if you'll like Muay Thai or not, then we recommend you book an appointment for a class observation; that way, you'll see first-hand how we run our program. If you'd like to proceed in getting on the mat for an actual trial class, ask a staff member about completing a membership application. Once approved, we'll get you booked, and you can decide for yourself if it's something you wish to commit to or not.  

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