New Student, Mother of Two Wins 1st Place at BJJ Competition

Our team went out to compete in Aptos, at the Rumble in the Redwoods tournament on Saturday, February 2nd and among all of our students who placed, 14 year old Briant Ferguson, Jr. and mother of two, Tina Erickson did excellent, getting the gold medal in their division. 

Briant has been training for little less that one year and has shown 
tremendous improvement in his focus and discipline. His dedication to training and to improving himself has been paying off! 

Tina went from being
 a Mom sitting mat side, watching her daughter train for the past year, to a new student of the women's program and a fierce competitor as she showed on the tourney. With a very aggressive gameplan from the get-go of each match, Tina, who's only been training for 4 months, dominated her two opponents and has just become a force to be reckoned with, if she chooses to continue competing

Tina took 1st place in her division and 2nd place in 
the open weight class. The training was hard, but it paid off! Congrats to everyone else for stepping up and fighting hard, we hope you all had fun.

Check out the article in the Brentwood Press.


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