Jiu-Jitsu Grand Prix Tournament Team Results

A quick shout out to our Kids BJJ competition team who performed this past Saturday, May 18 at the Jiu-Jitsu Grand Prix tournament in Pleasanton, Ca. Congrats to everyone for stepping up in special to those who won First place. 

Always good to keep in mind that to compete and do well in martial arts, one must dedicate their time year long. Unlike other sports, Jiu-Jitsu isn't a seasonal thing, there's either full time commitment and real results or half commitment and no results. 

Good job Team: Keira and Tina E, Alexis and Isabella Y, Joaquin G, Maksim M, Alexis G, Seth S, Bryant F, Jacob M, Yassir W, Carson S, Jacob T, Gianna R, Dominique G, Evan K and Ray M.

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