2013 Summer Camps First Impression

The 2013 Kids Summer Camp started and we're so excited to train with the nearly 40 participants who signed up. At the end of five week and over thirty hours of training, these kids will have learned so much about Street Self-Defense, the rules of engagement, and improved their conditioning and social skills. This year we have many "first-timers" who happen to be very disciplined and talented. With hard work they're sure to excel at this!

The Adult Camp has also started and everyone attending is super excited to learn the curriculum we put together this year. It has twenty one lessons covering the most common and important Gracie Jiu-Jitsu techniques used in street fights. 

In the photo below, the students practice escaping techniques from their back with an opponent on mount position, and right below in the Muay Thai mat, the kids practice basic fighting stance and striking skills. We're looking forward to the following several weeks on the mat with everyone! 
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