2013 U.S. Open Team Results

Unbelievable performance by our team this year at the US Open in Santa Cruz, Ca. Although Jiu-Jitsu for street self-defense is and always will be the primary goal in our teaching curriculum, we are very pleased with what all the boys and girls showed out there. After a weekend filled with adrenaline, intensity and amazing display of technique and heart, our team came home with 8 gold, 15 silver and 9 bronze medals. It earned the Academy a 3rd Place in the Kids and in the Juvenile divisions, and a 5th overall in the team points count, out of over 100 participating schools. It shows that disciplined and organized hard work, along with mutual commitment from students and staff will only continue to makes us grow. It's been our best showing ever! To those who didn't do so well, in life things don't always go they way we want. We can only see what went wrong and sacrifice more to get a different result. Congrats to everyone, including all teammates who didn't compete, but contributed to their training, you have fundamental part in this. 

Thank you, our students, for the opportunity to be in this journey with you. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the mat this week! Click on photo below to view full photo album. At the highest spot in the podium you see: Jesse B., Tina E., Nate F., Cody S., Ian S., and Austin A.
Check out the story done by The Brentwood Press.

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