Muay Thai is Back!!


Muay Thai is back! Beginning Monday, January 5th at 6:00PM, we will be teaching our first Muay Thai Kickboxing class of the New Year. Come train at our world class facility and learn from our experienced and professional staff the latest in combat sports and fitness. See for yourself why no other Martial Arts gym in the area can match what we offer. 

Classes are open for beginners starting at the age of 14 with or without previous experience. The program is designed so that anyone regardless of their skill or athleticism can participate. In our classes you will find moms, dads, teens, firefighters, law enforcement officers, everyone looking to either relieve stress, increase their fitness levels, lose body fat or simply have fun. All while learning realistic and devastating striking skills. Training segments are great workouts that develop toughness, physical, as well as mental conditioning, and a “Never Quit” attitude. 

We are known for having one of the most well structured programs around. Our teaching methods emphasize great detail in every aspect of the curriculum: stance, footwork, developing a strong base of support, offensive and defensive striking techniques, holding pads and more. Our instructors are trained to give every student the personal attention they need in order to steadily progress in skill and confidence. 

In the classes, students learn basic punching and kicking combinations, learn to hold hand mitts, kicking pads, partner drills, as well as learning the fundamentals needed to begin sparring (optional). 
The class is divided into 3-minute rounds of the following:
- Jump ropes (3 rounds)
- Shadow boxing (2 rounds)
- Stretching 
- Heavy bag drills (3 rounds)
- Partner drills with mitts & thai pads (3 rounds)
- Partner drills with alternating attacks, defenses and counters
- Sparring (optional)

For now, we will be offering only two classes per week. If there's enough demand for other classes, we won't hesitate in adding more. Classes will be held on Mondays at 6:00PM and Saturdays at 10:00AM, for one hour each.

- Hand wraps
- 16 Oz. gloves (14 Oz. for teens)
- Muay Thai shorts
- Shing guards

- Registration/Yearly - $30.00
- Monthly due - $90.00
- EFT (electronic funds transfer) required. We accept all major credit cards.

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