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While there are many benefits to this program alone, the curriculum taught in the Women-Only Program is a introduction and supplementation, not a replacement, to the Co-ed Jiu-Jitsu Program. Women who are serious about learning self-defense are not trying to learn to defend themselves against other women, however, we understand that navigating through the lack of space and close proximity when practicing with a teammate can be uncomfortable at first.

Most of our adult female students start in the Women-Only Program before making the move to Co-ed classes. Practicing with a group of females can help any female student adapt to our curriculums and the unique style of self-defense of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We are sure that upon completion of your 12-Week Intro Program, you will be prepared and asking yourself for bigger challenges. The Co-ed program will push you into excellent physical condition and test your self-defense skills in the most realistic way. All techniques shown in this demo done by one of our students are among the material taught here, take a look!

Part of what makes Jiu-Jitsu as efficient as it is is that it forces you to become comfortable with all body types, boosting your overall confidence to unprecedented levels once you get into resistance training sessions. This type of training occurs upon completion of 12-Week Intro Program.

Although we only offer this class once a week (Saturdays from 9-10:00 AM), consistency and diligent practice will get you to progressively improve your skill and fitness levels. Individual Lessons are always an option for additional training. *This class is currently not available. 12-week rape prevention courses are being offered twice a year. To be notified of dates for next course, please email us here.

The Jiu-Jitsu Approach

Sexual assaults are carried on once the attacker approaches undetected, subdues and takes control of the victim on the ground. A fact that will never change is that the average man will always be stronger than the average woman. Relying on striking techniques against someone bigger and heavier is very unreliable for obvious reasons: Striking at such close proximity to your attacker will have no effect, as there's no range of motion to develop full power in the strike. If anything, such strategy will only infuriate the attacker, causing him to hit you back harder.

In the program, women learn techniques that will prevent them from getting subdued as well as techniques that can be applied if they do get controlled and taken to the ground, where the attacker will try to carry on the assault. Diligent training will help the students develop the ability to remain calm, conserve energy while protecting themselves and think methodically on what steps to take in order to create an opportunity to escape.

The Techniques

All movements are based on leverage and natural body movements backed up by the concept of "Minimum effort, maximum efficiency". Have you ever used a jack to change a tire on your car? Do you twist your body when you swing a baseball bat? If so, then you are using body mechanics and leverage to help you increase force. They combine sequenced and coordinated movements to generate torque in an efficient way.

The purpose of using body mechanics is to maximize applicable force by taking advantage of the principles of physics as related to the structure of the body. For example, when using body mechanics, you do not rely on the arm alone to throw, swing, push or pull. You incorporate a twisting, springing or dropping motion of the body to increase the power that is output through the arm. This powerful tool allied with proper technique and timing, make it for a successful execution of any move on a resisting opponent. Of any size!

If you can't commit to a weekly training schedule, we do offer semi-individual lessons for groups of 2 to 4 people and Rape Prevention Seminars for your group or organization. Click here for more info.

In an effort to help improve awareness about sexual assault and rape prevention around our community, we host a free Rape Prevention Seminar at our Academy twice a year. This 2-hour class is designed for first-time self-defense students and it's 100% hands on.

If you wish to be notified about the next Seminar, you can subscribe to our newsletter here. Check out the photo album from our last Seminar here.

Class Format

Classes are an hour long. They begin with a 10-minute warm-up session which includes exercises designed to improve students coordination and conditioning. Students then drill techniques on one another to improve reflexes and timing. In the end, more experienced students train live (spar) under the supervision of a Black Belt instructor.

This training method is the biggest confidence booster you’ll experience. You learn to apply the techniques on a resisting opponent who’s trying to counteract with their own moves. You’ll learn to think and react fast, improve your reflexes and cardio capacity. This type of training only occurs after completion of the 12-week program and although highly recommended, it is optional.

If you have no previous martial arts experience and want to learn how to defend yourself in a fun, safe, and cooperative learning environment, with a professional and experienced staff, we are it. Give us call and we will be happy to set up a trial class with you.

Adult Jiu-Jitsu Co-ed Class Schedule

Beginners: 0-12 months experience

  • Tuesday/Thursday at 7:15 PM
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 11:00 AM

Intermediate: 3+ months experience

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM
  • Saturday at 11:00 AM

Advanced: 2+ years experience

  • Tuesday/Thursday at 6:00 PM

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